Thursday, 25 August 2016

Request: Ino Comic Render, RTN Ino and Konan

render request from the ino comic series chapter 1 plus the original edits it was derived from

with Road to Ninja ino yamanaka and konan - templates added

ino comic page 3
ino render
ct3 ino1
ino yamanaka (no towel)
ct3 ino2
ino yamanaka (with towel)
ct3 konan1
konan (no towel)
ct3 konan2
konan (with towel)

these are some scraps from way back when i was starting out, part of an unfinished series i didn't post

ct3 template (with towel)
ct3 alt
ct3 template (no towel)


  1. Thank you so much for those renders! Hot edits too

  2. Ino gorgeous, thank you.


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