Friday, 26 August 2016

Before and After: Fu (Jinchuriki)

before and after - the jinchuriki fu captured, stripped, filled with cum while being drained of chakra. for hours.

trying a bunch of things with this long image

the original pic has been "updated", or made consistent with the current style, then added clothing, cum, effects, background etc.

then I tried to do a timelapse sequence of sorts

beforeafter fu
fu (jinchuriki) before and after

individual panels

rext280 fu panel1
fu (jinchuriki) panel1
rext280 fu panel2
fu (jinchuriki) panel2
rext280 fu panel3
fu (jinchuriki) panel3
rext280 fu panel4
fu (jinchuriki) panel4

and the last two panels without filters

rext280 fu3
fu (jinchuriki) (cum)
rext280 fu4
fu (jinchuriki) (cum)

same pose with mabui


  1. Wow Voidy, these look really amazing!!

  2. Fascinating spectacle. You have done well over the lighting. The chain also looks good. But most importantly, it is her facial expression is very cute!

  3. I love these 'what if' scenarios based from the anime. Great work as always, man.

  4. This is amazing. I've never understood why there aren't more Fu and Kaguya pics about the internet, but I'm just loving all the recent pictures you've posted featuring one or both of them.

    Something you could consider is making long pictures like this into a mini-comic where you could combine two or three long picture pages into a short story. Something like that would certainly(I think) be easier than the full comics you've done in the past. Either way, this picture is beyond awesome.

  5. Impeccable as always, Voidy!

    If I could give a small bit of critique, perhaps one more scene, showing fu after extraction?

    1. I second this. Part of why I loved this pic was because it showed progression by use of multiple pictures instead of just placing one picture. Of course, that was slightly ruined by the repeated use of the the final panels as they only had small edits to them. Still, this is by far my favorite pic on thi blog thus far.

  6. thanks guys, i'll see about updating this strip over the next few days

    1. Awesome. I love all pictured depicting Fu. Combine that with the 'progression' shown in this pic, and you've already got my favorite. The only thing that would have been nice to have would be an interlude between when Fu collapses on the ground and when the guy rapes her. Something like a panel showing the guy getting on top of her and ripping off her shorts or something. Something else that would have been nice to see(though I know why you didn't do it) would be the guy taking Fu in different positions instead of showing the same pic several time with just small differences. Love this strip, and can't wait to(hopefully) see a continuation.

    2. Cool. My critique was based on how it feels like the current progression of the scene implies a "to be continued" feeling.


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