Sunday, 28 August 2016

Grand Magic Games

Finally I'm back. Despite my vacation, I did not create anything, so sorry. But enough about that. So much has happened in my absence. Three million is great. (Although the fourth is on the way.).

--- Ahegao ---

I decided to practice creating the dynamics of movement, sounds, phrases, object creation, and so on. This image looks quite different.

However, I got carried away, and created a lot of modifications to one image... the Options are so many that I had to save the files to JPG. Although it's for the best. 

So you can find more pictures here
For convenience, I have created a separate folder. Yes I did update to Erza and Kagura. Look for them there.

Well, for those who are interested can play around with the PSD file here

Well, I look forward to hearing your opinions about the effects.

Sorry for bad English.


  1. wow those effects are extensive - are all those text done freehand?

    great job! will be borrowing some of those effects too

    1. Thanks, Yes I made them by hand. And even a frame for the text xD. Actually, I just find it easier to write by hand. And I could write it accurately, but it seems to me that such negligence conveys better emotion.

      In any case, I use a simple bamboo pen (Graphic tablet). I must say that working with him is a pleasure. I generally don't use the mouse in the editing process.

  2. Really great job, I loved Erza's version

  3. Replies
    1. Yes you are right, I will replace the image on the preview.


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