Tuesday, 9 August 2016

August Update

Hey guys, Eron here.
Click more to read some of the updates surrounding the blog and or me personally.

Little update on my side of things:
I took down(for now) "Eron's Game". Don't get me wrong it wasn't because it didn't work but I just don't have the time for it now or in the near future. It did take up alot of work.
Hopefully I will be able to pick the project up before the end of 2016.

More importantly I posted a new blog page and with it comes a few updates over the next couple months. It's called Eron Files and will contain whatever I know about Photoshop and how to basic edit images (Rex style only).
For now I started with backgrounds.

Personal life has been a bit rough, I underestimated the current state of things and ended up using all my savings to pay my rent, now it has run out and have to somehow make up for it. meanwhile I have important career-exams I have to take end of this month and it will hopefully give me a better degree/job possibility. That obviously takes alot of time and energy atm so it's kinda annoying and frustrating. Though I do have some help and it's looking much better than 2 weeks ago.. anyways enough rambling about my stupid personal life. I am still working behind the scenes so no worries.
Hoping to recruit another person within a few weeks.

Keep it up crew and friends.


  1. great to hear you're keeping it together somehow someway, that's the spirit

  2. It good to get rest sometimes, I think you should go for a long walk on a beach.


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