Sunday, 14 August 2016

Achievement Unlocked: 3 Million!

from 2 million to 3M, time sure flies!

thank you to our viewers who make it all worthwhile, and to everyone in this blog! you guys are the bestest.

wait til 5 or 6m, we'll see how many girls we can squeeze into these milestone posts…

celebrate render tsunade ino
kurenai, tsunade and anko render (3M milestone)

i was supposed to prep 3 teasers? yep, only actually came up with one 😳 hey, it's something!

i'm now just focusing on getting the ino series off to a start then i think i may have something just for this occasion. probably. it's a surprise

celebrate render tsunade ino orig
kurenai, tsunade and anko render (original 2015)


  1. Congratulations for the 3 Million today for all of you Editor's :)

  2. Congratulations! Keep your awesome work up :)

  3. thanks and grats everyone!

  4. This is exciting news. We did not have time to celebrate the second million as there was a third.


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