Sunday, 7 August 2016

Original Art: Sinon - Sword Art Online S2

i'm still catching up with stuff so here's an original art repost. she's sinon from Sword Art Online season 2 giving her anti-materiel rifle a boobjob

yes, it's materiel with 2 e's. i don't know why either.

these were drawn and colored way back may 2015, made by request. i did this art even before i saw the anime - so now, looking at it, i'm a bit off the mark with her features. references don't cut it! you gotta watch the thing and see the characters in motion.

pt23 sinon1 lineart
sinon (lineart)
pt23 sinon1 no-bg
sinon (colored)
pt23 sinon1
sinon (finished artwork)
pt23 sinon2
sinon (alternate)


  1. ye gods they killed picasa for this. google photos is an unsightly mess

    1. Yes, google photos is totally confused, luckily the images that were in picasa still continue with the same link, but not pleased me this new model of google ;(

    2. Voidy i found a way to fix it, email me at,

  2. Hey Voidy/Dichareous Kai heres the vid

    password is erojarvis

    you'll get a cleaner url.

    1. thanks a lot, that saved me a lot of headache.

  3. AMAZING!!! I really, really, REALLY like Naruto, but SAO AISHITERU. I (we?) need more. Maybe I'll think about request?


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