Thursday, 10 March 2016

Yoshino's Pregnant

Tried the pregnancy edit again(tell me if it's done well or bad) 
Not for everyone but still there you go.
Also added Subs again, please let me know if it's an addition or not. thanks.


  1. Not bad, from the size I estimate it about after 3 month. Quite smooth shape. I support you go ahead with this edit in the future. Totally support

    The sub is interesting, shot and direct. May be you can try like series of image sub with some story line. You can try with some hot fan fiction like Eroninja from TheLemonSage.

    Peace, The CrimsonLover

  2. I always like the captions/subs, no problem there for me! Not a big fan of pregnant stuff, but you do whatever you want to do, Eron.

    1. True it's definetly not for everyone :) but I enjoy editing new things ;)

  3. Will there be a version with Naruto in place of Shikamaru? I hope so. :)


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