Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Editor Content

Hey guys,

A update for all of you on a few things.
Besides voidy being an absolute beast and delivering almost on a daily basis(something HK never ever did) there are somethings upcomming that will be different and hopefully fresh.

We are working on some nice background and reading material about behind the scenes.

I also tried(I say "tried" because it actually failed)to create a second sector/page/domain where the editors could mingle and bounce off ideas and content but it didn't flourish because of platform issuees, so I actually worked hard on it and it didn't came out right unfortunetly.
bummer right, atleast for us editors.

Now I thought of re-doing that but it's going to be messy and alot of work and I don't see any good way of doing it anyways. Soooo... instead I will provide my whatever renders I have of heads or pixxx in posts. hopefully it's a contribution and I don't mind it being used at all, only fear is that poor editors will use the same head for everything haha(it's been done alot even now).

Tip: Always try to match the best head you can find(same quality, same creator) because otherwise it will just not look or "feel" right. Your eyes/brains are automatically detecting differences for you on a subconscious level, so anything that doesn't match well will always feel different.

Also before you don't bother reading this bit too, as a editor im stuck in a mindset of not being able to finish a edit or motivate myself enough due to lack of content or ideas. I would like it if you guys can give ideas in the comments for anything other than normal edits, maybe I won't do anything with it but I just want to get ideas from the ideas of you guys(if that makes sense).

Thanks for reading guys,

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