Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Original Art: Hokuto

Hokuto (ホクト, Hokuto) is a young kunoichi from Hoshigakure. (wiki)

just to change things up - here's a bit of original art! just a repost for now of hokuto, a girl from one of those filler episodes.

in this piece i did a bit of creative speculation on how she keeps those baggy long socks up. of some note are the fixes made to the lineart while coloring, and i also seem to have forgotten to add her freckles.. :P

hokuto character references
pt17 hokuto lineart
hokuto lineart
pt17 hokuto nobg
hokuto colored
pt17 hokuto
hokuto final artwork


  1. Looks awesome. I love your original work Voidy!

  2. Excellent work Voidy like always


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