Wednesday, 30 March 2016

End of March

It's been a great month and we uploaded some amazing edits with little new material to work with.
Unfortunatly we also have a number of authors that aren't producing anything for over months.
So if I don't see any activity comming from those, we will need to let them go and will be recruiting for new talent when that process will be started.
There are definetly some good editors out there that aren't being respected.

On another note, I have been sick for a couple of days and it's been messing up my work load.
I am still looking for new ways to use all these images that we have.
Maybe edit it into a story of somekind, maybe more normal edits, maybe something else..
Not really sure yet which to do but I will be putting some new uploads up very soon.

Thanks for a great month!!
And very usefull feedback.


  1. Best of health to you, Eron !

    I am an aspiring editor and I would love if you could add more head templates to the Renders section.


    1. thanks, I will add a few more.

  2. More Tsunade! ( Madara - Tsunade )

  3. hope next month brings more pixxx

  4. I'm sorry that I'm out for a long time, although the study takes a lot of time and effort.

    Yes, I think you should bring new and old editors. I think it would be better.

    We must unite.


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