Sunday, 20 March 2016

Original Art: Emi

Emi (エミ, Emi) is a young woman from the Land of Fire...

...On a trip to Shukuba Town to visit her friends, she falls prey to one of Itachi Uchiha's genjutsu. (wiki)

my take on emi's perspective while under itachi's spell.
i was trying to give her a bit of a helpless, hypnotized expression;
i'd like to think i got halfway there :P

emi character references
pt16 emi lineart
emi lineart
pt16 emi colordraft
emi color in progress
pt16 emi nobg
emi colored
pt16 emi
emi final artwork

ah, yes. this would be part of my "i'm bad with hands" phase,
exhibit A right here. hands are tough man!


  1. I always love how you try to use the rare girls, Voidy. This is pretty great!

  2. Please draw more hentai pics of her... she looks so cute

  3. she's as rare as it gets - they say she appeared for literally one minute? haven't watched the anime..

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Nice work.
    Can you do a Full Body of her with her head looking at you Please?


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