Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Requests: Karui, Ino and Matsuri

editor's block? can't think of something? well i guess i'll do some requests!
karui, ino and matsuri ideas courtesy of some of our readers

rext221 karui
karui x naruto

rext190 ino1
ino (sage mode)
rext190 ino2
ino (sage mode robe only)
rext190 ino3
ino (own color scheme)
rext168 matsuri1
rext168 matsuri1
matsuri (cum)

rext220 ino
ino x sasuke (gaiden)


  1. awesome edits! maybe enlarge breasts on one of the better pixx so that we can use them for other characters? just a idea. great work voids.

  2. hey Voidy edit Amaru and Konan and Kaguya I know and ask and also the much more work could make this my request thank you

  3. Thank you for making my request, Voidy! All of these are great!

  4. Awesome edits Voidy, thanks!!

  5. Woooow finally ino Sage version. Well i love the NaruIno pairing (Even in hentai version) so i like so much you're idea, is just Fantastic. Thank you very much Voidy. If you want, can you do one pixxx or maybe one edit with ino and the vaginal penetration with creampie and reverse cowgirl position please. Thank you very much :-)


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