Tuesday, 3 March 2015

The Cause Of All Our Trouble

 Sorry guys for the sudden lack of edits recently but I been having some personal matters I had to attend to in these past few days and as such my spare time for doing the edits promised has been greatly decreased.
However, I was lucky enough to get a bit of spare time on my hands...just about enough for another challenging edit...and I am quite pleased with the results. 
And, before you get to remind me, I will tell you now that I haven't forgot of the edits already announced in the Upcoming Edits section. On the contrary I am saving those for when I have enough time on my hands to do them right as I intend.
Until my next post which will definitely feature one of the announced characters I hope you will find this one as njoyable as past ones.
This would be a What-If? the two Zangetsus would've went more in depth about Ichigo's fall in confidence towards himself during his attempt to learn Mugetsu. And of course they would point out at Inoue being a bit of a troublemaker as she's the reason he went on and got trashed so hard in the first place during the post-Aizen defecting Soul Society arcs. 
I guess this is their way of telling Ichigo..."It's only worth it if the hero gets his rightful reward from the princess he saves".
Anyway, sorry for all my blabering.
I hope you enjoy this one. xD


  1. Amazing picture in every sense. Very hot. And beautiful. I want to write something, but I'm very tired.

    One way or another. I am glad that you are doing edits Bleach. Thanks again and a lot of work.

    1. Glad you like it. xD Always nice when people like it :D

  2. Nice work !
    Could you please replace Orihime by Neliel ?

    1. Nelliel will be edited in a different PiXXX. Stay tuned for that :D

  3. Very nice work! I love the background and just overall superb editing.

  4. :) this one still amazes me.

  5. Jarvis awesome pic I hope everthing is okay and gets better take your time and when ever your up too it can't wait too see more stuff


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