Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Almighty Victory
So at the moment the Quincy are winning the war. And the only chance our heroes have at winning are Ichigo and company.
But...what if they didn't succeed either? Well...
I think it's safe to assume, for our entertainment, that this is what might happen after Yhwach's triumph as The Almighty ( get the title now eh eh? Ok I know bad jokes are bad ). 
But I hope you'll find this edit far more enjoyable than my poor sense of humour. :D
Have a good day all and I hope you enjoy this What-If edit. :D


  1. It is magnificent. Hot and beautiful. And without doubts truthful "That - if".

    All right now when I calmed down, I can write the normal comment.
    I like it the concept. sexual slavery in similar manifestation. I don't say that it is correct. But devil take it they look so beautifully.

    Orihime with its surprising ability.

    And Yoruichi with its secrets. Good couple for a harem

    Excellent work.

  2. you accept petitions or or is not only a question

  3. Petitions? As in requests for an edit of your choice? If that's what you ment than yeah I do accept requests. That's what the What-If? section of this blog is for. Any request you got in mind you can write it up there. :D

  4. Ywach knows how to celebrate victory!


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