Thursday, 26 March 2015

Recruiting page

Hey guys,

It's been alot of fun to make and edit stuff for you guys.
Some of you put out stuff on the net before and probably had to deal with alot of sh!t.
Just like us, but it's pretty nice to have a place without the hate(also for characters).
No matter how small or Big, it's great to share something pure for the fun of it.

Anyways my point is:
That if any of you are quality or wanting to be quality editors or even original artists.
and you would like a place to start then why not join us?
Take a look at the recruitment page and mail me if you have any adding questions.

Special thanks to : Yadon, DbatRT, Zipper and rest.
We appreciate all the comments and it helps alot to add or improve our work.
Thanks and keep supporting.


  1. I think it is an awesome idea to get a editors on one site. Maybe Voidy and Tsume would want to join?

    Personally I don't think I am good enough, plus I think if I wanted to get better I would need to purchase an photo editor instead of using

  2. We will see what happends, I just like the idea of a busy blog with nice people. that's all :)

  3. Good idea. This site has a friendly atmosphere. What is fundamentally different from the situation with 420chan. I think this is a good place for other editors / artists.

    Yes, I think Voidy could join. He needs a blog, but he does not have time for this.

    Or Tsume, he simply does not have the necessary skills to create a blog.

    As far as I know.

    As for me, lately I have a very busy schedule. The problem is not even that. Simply, there is some uncertainty. Today I am very active, but tomorrow I can disappear for a long time.

    Although it is not a very big problem. I'll be thinking about this opportunity. Although I have another suggestion, but more on that later.

    In any case, thank you for your work and goodwill.

    And sorry for the bad english.


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