Thursday, 12 March 2015

Bolt Edits #1

Bolt Rin120315 Bolt Tsunade120315

made some very obvious mistakes but I don't have the time to fix them and it's a male edit so probably won't fix it anyways, just wanted some new flavour into the mix.

Questions of the Day (reply in comments) : 
More Bolt ? (Boruto in Japanese) 
And who is the most underrated Male Character?
We all know who is the most overrated male character haha.


  1. I think you should definitely do more Boruto, or at least more Himawari.
    As for the most underrated male character: in my opinion, probably Choji.

  2. I personally don't care who the male is, unless it's people like Danzo, A, Guy, etc etc (I understand the old/ugly guy getting with a hot girl fetish, it just ain't my thing), but sure, Bolt is fine with me. As for underrated male, I'd have to agree and say Choji.

  3. Good editing. And to see girls with Boruto pretty funny. And I agree about Choji. Although the matter is in popularity.

  4. More bolt is cool. Shino is the most underrated.

  5. AnonymousMay 24, 2015

    Can you do Yagura fucking Sakura instead of Rin?
    Use 'Quick-sex during mission' pix for her head or 'bedroom hottie' Sakura.

    Could you also try doing the one Yagura is with Mei Terumi and replace her with Sakura?

    Thanks in advance


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