Sunday, 29 March 2015

Kazekage's girlfriend Temari


Question of the day : 
Your favorite Jutsu is ? 
Personally : Darui's Black Panther Lightning
or laser circus 


  1. Holy mother! First you did the Fuu edit, and now a Temari edit! Awesome! Thank you so much man!

    By the way, I have one question (or a challenge), it's possible to make this picture into a yuri picture? Like changing Gaara to another girl with a strapon. I guess this is the most easy picture to make this, since you don't need to made a entire boob, just some fixes in the legs and butt.

    Anyway, your edits are always amazing man, really nice work!

    1. Hey thanks, but sadly for you I don't really do yuri edits. Sorry to dissapoint you though.

    2. I don't know if is because you don't enjoy yuri or because it's more harder to edit 2 girls in one picture, anyway each people has their own tastes, and I respect that, like each people have an favorite character. And you didn't dissapoint me, you already did a edit of most of girls I like on Naruto, like that Tayuya and Temari picture, and also you will do another Tayuya edit. Anything you do here for me it's great.

    3. Sorry my english, I mean, Anything you do here it's great for me.

    4. english is fine and yeah it's personal taste.
      I don't care for strap-ons xD

  2. Great picture Erogenin, always love me some brother-sister love.

    As for my favorite jutsu, Second Mizukage's clam genjutsu. Its just really cool to me, a nice tricky jutsu compared to all the nukes and stuff lol


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