Saturday, 14 March 2015

Extra Icon Pack

- Himawari
- Hinata's Mom
- Natsu
- Nono
- Sen
- Shizuka's Mom
- Tsume
- Yukata


  1. Hi can you teach me how to make icons like you do? Every time I do it, the icons comes out small. I use paint to crop out a head and then I put a black border around it with the rectangle and save it to my desktop. To turn the image to an icon, I use converticon and resize it to 256 x 256. I find these icons really useful when surfing to through my folders. Thank you and I hope respond as soon as possible.

    1. Make a Icon in 500x500 PNG format and save it. then use upload it there and download the .ICO it should be good. and I use Photoshop.


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