Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Still in Holiday Mood: Mei, Sakura and Hinata

some late holiday-themed mei, sakura and hinata

update: click more for variations

rext188 mei
mei terumi x anon (holiday theme)
rext188 mei2
mei terumi x anon (default holiday color)
rext189 sakura
sakura x naruto
rext190 hinata
hinata (sage mode)
rext190 hinata2
hinata (sage mode coat only)
rext190 hinata3
hinata (hokage colors)

last updated: 2016-15-01


  1. Awesome stuff! I myself don't mind the extended holiday edits. (only the males look goofy) perfect quality/editing as usual.

  2. Love the Mei one and the change to blue as well, great job Voidy!

  3. thanks, forgot i did 3 lol. hope we can have some great new year ones after these

  4. Mei looks amazing, great job ^^


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