Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Friday Upload Schedule

Starting this Friday I will be uploading atleast one edit/upload every friday.
Hopefully this will be a useful deadline to keep me motivated.

Extra information:
There has been more activity on the blog and that's great and we are all for it.
Including some users/viewers that are new to our concept.
So let's once again get some rules out there to keep things the opposite from 420chan.

Please don't put requests in the chat! on top of that : not every editor actually appreciates requests,
this means that the editor will reach out and contact or find a way for the users to put their requests.

It's nice to hear certain comments about work whether it's feedback or a thanks.
though certain comments will be removed and if it happends more than once, the user can be blocked.

Any comment containing character discrimination.
Simply Requesting (if it's not on a request post) without thanks.

Keep things classy and clean.
We all respect the effort editors/artists put into free-art.


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