Friday, 8 January 2016

2015 Character Highlight: Tayuya

Tayuya (多由也, Tayuya) was a kunoichi of Otogakure and the only female member of the Sound Four. source

rext170 tayuya
tayuya (eureka cosplay modded)
rext91 tayuya
tayuya x gaara
rext144 tayuya
tayuya x naruto (swimwear)
rext145 tayuya
tayuya x kimimaro

my best 2015 tayuya edits imo. she's certainly one of the more unique character designs in naruto with her two forms, dark skin, pink hair, skullcap, horns and the attitude.

then again we've never been able to figure out what size her boobs should be - she's like the least consistent in that area. see more tayuya edits


  1. Man, I love Tayuya lol. These are awesome

  2. This is beautiful! Tayuya is one of my favorite girls from Naruto! Nice work!

  3. thanks guys, and @Mr.Stryder she's top 10 for sure


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