Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Ryuzetsu and Mabui

rext180 ryuzetsu
ryuzetsu x naruto
rext194 mabui
mabui x orochimaru

both dark-skinned, check. both white haired, check. both hot, check. both kinda dead, check.. well nothing edo tensei can't fix.

update: click more for mabui versions

rext194 mabui
mabui x orochimaru (no tanlines)

last updated: 2016-01-25


  1. This is amazing Voidy! Awesome work, Mabui is my favorite girl lol

  2. Mabui is one of my favourite girls, great edit Voidy! Just wondering if it's possible to request a version without the tan-lines please?

  3. Awesome Voidy! Thank you so much for doing this, they are both sexy! Is rare to see Ryuzetsu, so good to see that you did her! And, as usual from you, very well done! You rocks!

  4. Both well edited, Check!

  5. Hi! Can you give me a archive of all head's character, please?

  6. thanks all! and @Chi the tanlines are part of the original pic, but shouldn't be too hard to remove.

    @Haji when we get to have an editors' section i'll see about heads and other resources

    1. There were a few non-tanline versions on 420 at one point so that's why I asked. It would be great if you could, thanks Voidy!


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