Friday, 13 February 2015

Spoils Of War

Well let's face it. No matter how bad the war currently going on in Bleach is the good guys will win in the end. This piece I made with that thought in mind. You could say this is a What-if? situation concerning what would happen to some of the characters after the war's done. And to be honest if Bleach would have been a more "daring" genre of manga I'm fairly certain this is one of the things we could've seen happening. xD Enjoy the spoils of war guys :D


  1. nice edit jarvis, I really wish I knew more or kept up with the manga.

  2. You definitely are thinking in the right direction. In the end, the winners are free to do what they want. But no one spoke. that she would not enjoy it. Well, maybe not right away :)

    Awesome work.

  3. And the continuation of the story:!I9JCCTgR!XD8roYYzNNCBbA7XRDsO2y5qMWZ1XomerZBcjcUzg0I

    1. So I guess a Bambietta Spoils Of War series would be welcomed? xD

    2. For me, yes, for others maybe. But these pictures with brief histories think certainly not superfluous :D

  4. This is really hot. Awesome work Jarvis!


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