Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Jarvis : GroupOrgy Yoruichi Orihime Matsumoto Bambietta


First post for Jarvis Art ~ 
And I must say that he did a great job! I previously edited yoruichi and it wasn't as neat as his, great job.
aswell as the breast change from mashiro to Orihime.
Hope you guys like it and leave a comment to support Jarvis.


  1. You know, I might've complained about me not liking the Bleachpixxx art, but this is so amazing! I think this might change my mind. Keep up the awesome work Jarvis!

  2. Well, I like both of your options.

    And of course, Jarvis works fine! Because I know how hard it is to change or even to draw hair from scratch.

    partnership - it's good. Exchange of experience and advice will make your work even better.

    And yes English is not my native language, so my text may look unintelligible, I use a translator.


    1. It's fine(the message and spelling) and thanks for the support, english isn't my native language either. :)


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