Saturday, 7 February 2015

Sarada behind enemy lines.


No subs this time, sometimes I just don't like to add or no inspiration.
Also I find it kinda awkward to add them to standing images, it seems unnatural since it's not like a screenshot. 

Anyways, enjoy.


  1. At first I thought that the head is greatly exaggerated, but comparing with other options, I realized that I was wrong.

    Looks amazing. You can think of a lot of options, why she was in such a situation.

    genjutsu, blackmail, rape, drugs (aphrodisiac, poison)

    You can certainly come up with a story without violence, but Sarada hardly go on a voluntary basis.

    In any case, good job.

    1. haha thanks, but im not as much into that hardcore stuff tbh.

    2. I just listed the options by virtue of depravity Sarada. You decide.

      By the way, I still remember your work.!A8IHRACB!u_yXVF4zdMX1IRmGE1LI0ltXg5rFxg6e7tMivVtw8-Y

  2. I just make the subs if I make them tbh. I don't really see why I need to add them later or change that, because it's not that hard. you can edit? you can edit them yourself right? for yourself? xD though it's nice you have a old edit, (like half year old?) anyways. I will put out what I put out :) that's just it.

    1. I'm not rushing you. I just reviewed the situation and their possible causes.
      It's kind of simple ideas.

      Everything that I have -!AgZRnSQL!ZvOKnoMpIDwuENKWc7ahug

      I do not quite understand you. my translator works badly :D. Do not be surprised

  3. This looks so great! Awesome job Erogenin!


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