Friday, 20 February 2015

Edits Progress Update


I decided to give a small update on the upcoming updates. Unfortunately I have to say that you'll have to wait a bit on me to finish them because I kind of messed up. x.x In a sense that the Harribel and another edit, despite finishing them and having them ready to be posted, I noticed the heads I used turned out a bit too pixelated for my licking. As a result, in part due to my strong desire to give you all high quality edits, I decided that rather than try to lessen the pixelation to start back from scratch. That means the edits will be posted a bit later than I had originally intended.
I am sorry for the delay, especially given the fact some were requests, but I assure you they will be done and posted and I remind you that you may still post requests meanwhile. This might not be the first nor the last time I may be late on delivering the requests handed down to me but, regardless, they will be done eventually.
Sorry guys, I messed up. It's on me this time. xD


  1. :) don't worry jarvis, we know your passion for quality. Take your time and enjoy the weekend.

  2. I am willing to wait for quality version Harribel!

  3. ye, no hurry, take your time :D


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