Friday, 8 July 2016

Rest In Paradise.

This is hard to even say or talk about. DFG - Destined For Greatness.

DFG/Lyle - 6 hours ago he passed away from all the injuries he had, from broken legs, arms, torn muscles, shattered ankles. Don't worry the guy who hit and ran him will go to jail.

Ive been friends with him since we were 2 years old, and its gonna suck not seeing him around. I don't really know what to say right now but thank you guys at erojarvis for having him on your site, and also thank you Voidy for helping him with html stuff he really appreciated it. Chi also you, he talked to you a lot.

How he was as a person.

Trust me if there was someone you'd want as a roommate/best friend it would be him. His favourite quote was comparison is the thief of joy. He never liked comparing people or things to others, he always thought of enjoying and having whatever was there and taking care of his friends and family. This dude was hardworking, and sometimes he was funny, cracked a lot of bad jokes. He was the class joker but he never hurt anyones feelings, and was loved by everyone except this one girl.

Now I'm gonna tell you this cliche but true story of him and this girl. She hated him at first because he was always joking around and cracking jokes, and always thought he was a “playboy and a loser” but through the years he'd always scare her in the hallways and crack silly jokes to and with her, overtime she started laughing with and sometimes at him and enjoying the time with him and she started liking him ever since he asked her to dance with him at our sixth grade dance. They started dating since the end of grade 12 but they broke up because of college and him moving to a new city with me. But don't worry it was a good breakup if thats even a nice way to put it.

They talked everyday as best friends ever since, and the thing is she messaged me yesterday asking why he hasn't responded to her and if something had happened, and I'm tempted to tell her what happened but I'm too scared to do it.I don’t even know what to say anymore I'm shocked that just a few days ago he was eating pizza with me and my buds.

That being said ill end it off with how he got into editing. Its all because of me, i edit photos, not Hentai but actual photo’s i take with my camera and edit them with Lightroom and Photoshop. He enjoyed watching me change all the settings and before and after. He's a big time anime fan, both of us actually. From dragon ball z, bleach, fairy tail, a few romantic ones like maid sama. But yeah i wish i knew everything about how he started, but all i can say his he enjoyed editing because he liked people seeing what he can do. I think he started a few years ago, don't quote me on that. That being said, ill end it here with saying thank you for having him on your site.

Sorry if my english is bad, and sentence structure is terrible I'm crying man tears as I'm typing this and I'm very sad at the same time. BTW you guys have a very amazing site, and i wish you guys the best of luck moving forward and Congrats on reaching 2 million views. His mother said i could keep his stuff or donate then to charity, ill be giving all his clothes and ps4 and many other electronics away, but i know this is a little bit selfish but ill keep his computer as a memory.

Im thinking of giving editing a shot but not right now, maybe in 5 months or so when i graduate from college and have free time. Ill hit you up Eron. But yeah i read some of your guy’s about pages and they are amazing especially Jarvis. Ive been siting here for a long period of time wondering what to do or talk about him, theres too much to say. Once again Thank you to everyone who liked his editing and whatever else he did.

My email is and my name is Brandon.


Edit: the previous post about the incident


  1. I'm so sorry to hear this, this is just awful. My condolences to you, and DFG's loved ones.

  2. i was hoping he's gonna be alright with the news that his condition improved the other day. our prayers go to his family and to you his friends and other loved ones.

    i'm sorry for your loss - we wish we were able to know him half as well as you do.

    dfg's been away for some time, and just not too recently he seemed to have settled down somewhat to explore his editing hobby..

    ..which is all over the place, honestly 😏 dude's always trying out a new gadget or software, or tackling another series. he's curious about html so why not. he's picked it up and ran with it immediately since.

    so i finally get what DFG stands for. thanks brandon.

    gonna pour out one for our friend who's lost to us now. here's to you DFG

  3. Fuck. Man I'm so sorry.

    I've been talking with DFG for the past few months, over edits of course. I wish I got to establish a relationship with him because he was a really awesome guy.

    He was always busy, and he never got angry at me when I'd ask him about the edits every few weeks.

    I didn't really know him at all, but this still made me very sad. I looked up the quote you mentioned and I tried not to cry. I haven't lost anyone personally myself, but I still feel this way. My prayers are with his family, you, and DFG himself.

    God bless you all.

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  5. I thank DFG for the first edit he made for my request, i mean i was waiting for him to finish one of my requests(don't ask me to make my own i'm not like you guy's that really good at it) that he had to redo that image for Konan and Sakura's feet(it's still Complicated) that was not fair he had to pass away :(

  6. Damn, this is so sad, my condolences ;(

  7. This is an unexpected and terrible news. I am so angry and sad.

    You know, all the shit that's going on around. But no one cares. Because people think that them will not be affected. Neither you nor your surroundings. But here it is a harsh reality. When something happens to you or your loved ones.
    And you regret, blame yourself. But it's' too late.

    I knew little about DFG. And now I regret it. About missed opportunities.

    Damn . Man is given the wonderful gift of life. Millions of opportunities are given to man so that he loses all the opportunities.

    At such moments, it is necessary to rethink life.

  8. I did not expect this grave news. I'm so disappointed and sad to hear this. People might say it's fake, but don't listen to them.

    DFG did a great editing, but it's sad we won't see them in the future again. DFG, if you are reading this from the other side, you did a fantastic work on your editing!

  9. That drunk bastard will get what he deserves for destroying a young boy's life.

    Even though I haven't spoken to DFG personally, I'm really sad that he didn't make it. I share your pain, I really do 'cause I know how hard is to lose someone that is so close so us.

    The first weeks/months are going to be really tough but don't isolate yourself, that's the worst thing you can do.

    He's gone but don't mourn, cherish his memory, you know that he's looking down on you smiling.

  10. So he is death right ? Shiet, i hope that guy who do this go to the hell

  11. I can´t believe it went that quickly, from bad news to even worse. I am kinda speechless and like many others here I don´t know what it feel s like to lose someone so close without seeing it comming.
    That´s great advice from Ward and wish I could give you some more advice.

    How sad is it that his name was DFG(Destined for greatness) and this happend to him. I know that he made alot of people here happy with his Edits and definetly his way of carrying himself around on the boards and blog. I want to thank him for all his efforts and comments and the mails we had.

    Thanks for everything Lyle! We will remember you through your work and attitude.

  12. He was a great guy, i contacted him via email so he could give me some Templates for edits and he did.
    We shared the same favourite naruto girl(Ino) and he wanted to help me create my own edits.

    He will live on through his edits.

    Today is a sad day

  13. I'm sad to hear that. I didn't know DFG personally, but I think he was a great guy since he could always make you laugh on this site.

    Sad that he's gone. May he rest in peace and my prayers to his family and friends such as you.

  14. jesus real life... why you doing this??? man... i really wish when this shit show ends we get an explanation why everything went the way it went... i hope the creator of this existence added something to answer these f***ing questions...

  15. Shit, I don't know what to say. I hope his family and friends find the comfort and support they need in the wake of this tragedy. If he had any goals or unfinished projects that he really wanted to complete, maybe that's something people can do for him now that he's lost the opportunity? I don't know, man.

    Rest in Peace, DFGMaster. I didn't know you personally, but you won't be forgotten.

  16. I haven't been on the blog much in recent times and hearing about what's happened now I wish I was more to have gotten to know DFG even a fraction as well as the rest of the editors here. Heck, maybe even have done some collaboration together. Even if I didn't get to know him that well the very few times I saw him around it was clear he was a great guy and with quite a big passion in everything he would set his mind to do.

    Rest in Peace, DFG. You won't be forgotten and you'll always be with us through the ART you've given. We will tresure them FOREVER.

    My sincere and deepest condolences to his friends and family.

  17. AnonymousJuly 09, 2016

    Jesus. Rest in peace DFG, I can say 100% you're in a better place. I'm sorry for your loss, Brandon.

  18. I'm sorry for what happen to him....But At least he is in a better place.....My condolences

  19. I'm sorry for what happen to him....But At least he is in a better place.....My condolences

  20. Thank you so much Brandon, for letting us know, it must have been hard to write about. Just when we thought he was improving, he’s taken away from us.

    I’ve known DFG for one year. I emailed him once, we got chatting and happy to say we became good friends. It’s exactly as you say, he was hardworking, liked to joke and was always happy. He would often ask me what pics to edit next and and with which girl. He would show me his WIPs and ask for feedback.

    Fun little fact which I’m not sure how many people know. He once messaged me near the end of last year, saying that he was considering quitting with edits. I told him to just ignore all the trolls on 420 and 8chan and pay no attention to them. The other thing was to not do batches of edits, of girls he was not interested i,n for the sake of doing edits. I told him to concentrate on doing pics he wanted to edit and to use girls he was interested in. I’m glad he stuck with it as his edits got really good.
    He just started to get into editing Bleachpixxx as well and he even brought a graphics tablet. Like Voidy said, he was getting into his editing hobby.

    I never knew or even thought about what DFG stood for and it’s fitting that it means Destined For Greatness.
    He moved back to his home country this year where his parents also live. He got his apartment, was back in college and he was due to start attending Medical School on the 4th July.

    Thanks for the great times Lyle, I’ll always remember you. My heart goes out to you, Brandon, and his family.

  21. R.I.P DFG
    My sincere condolences to his loved ones

  22. Damn man, life is so unfair... We improving ourselves and our personality, we grow up, we fight against a lot of trouble in the paths we choose, we make and fought for our dreams, we spend a lot of time to become someone better, and then, in a few secs, all of this can end and the dreams and plans for a better future can be washed away because of something or someone.

    I didn't knew DFG that much, but I'm sure he was a nice person, he was always kind here and always did the best of him. It's really sad to know that someone like him passed away in a tragic end.

    There's nothing I can do but give my sincere condolences to his family and friends. He will be in the memory of all those who knew him.


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