Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Poll: Next Series Main Character

hope you enjoyed the first series Mom's Red Hair. doing that series gave me an idea of how hard it is to make comics, and really upped the respect i have for comic artists. i had a great time making it. on to the next one!

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thanks, too for the tons of feedback for new comic ideas. the thing is, i'm really worried about committing to a plot then running out of poses halfway into it. so i decided to tackle each side of the problem seperately.

today we'll decide on characters first. if we can settle that then plot gets narrowed down fairly easy.

this poll uses google forms and has a 1 response per account policy
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Vote for Your Character(s)!

you can choose as many characters as you like.

you can change your answers anytime. just hit submit, then edit your response. your previous answers will not count.

the choices are grouped into 5 groups. group 1 has the most pics i can work with; group 5 and other characters have the least.

what we're looking for are clear frontrunners that i can base the next set of series around. have fun!

    Hinata Hyuga Ino Yamanaka
    Sakura Haruno Tsunade
    This is a required question
    Hanabi Hyuga Konan
    Kushina Uzumaki Mei Terumi
    Shizune Tenten
    This is a required question
    Ayame Karin
    Kurenai Yuhi Samui
    Tayuya Temari
    This is a required question
    Anko Mitarashi Fu
    Kurotsuchi Mabui
    Matsuri Mikoto Uchiha
    Rin Nohara
    This is a required question
    Amaru Ameno
    Ajisai / Animal Path Guren
    Honoka Hotaru
    Kaguya Otsutsuki Karui
    Sara Sarada
    Shizuka Yugito Nii
    This is a required question
    Fuuka Hanare Himawari Uzumaki
    Hokuto Isaribi Karura
    Kin Tsuchi Koyuki Mirai Yuhi
    Miroku Mito Uzumaki Moegi
    Pakura Ruka Ryuzetsu
    Sari Sasame Sen

    Shiho Shion Tamaki
    Tokiwa Tsume Yakumo Kurama
    Yoshino Nara Yugao Yukata
    click the pics or just type in
    This is a required question
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  1. I'd love a NaruIno doujin.

  2. Voted. All my choices were for less popular characters that I personally like.

  3. Voted! I don't know what it is about me and the more unorthodox females of the Narutoverse, but I just like it.

  4. yeah i just like the designs of the supporting cast more. @ino there'll be an announcement for that by next week

  5. i have vote it but the page turn to.a i don't know if is success.I want to see more story of kushina! although there's before.and how about future sakura orkaguya?

    1. you have to be logged in to your google account sign in 😉

  6. Voted!
    Wish Hinata win :3

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