Thursday, 7 July 2016

Requests: Tenten and Ajisai, Milf Asses Fixed

requests from the requests page: tenten and ajisai

plus a color fix of "Milf Asses"

rext261 tenten render
rext261 tenten

requested tenten version of this karui render

rext237 ajisai
rext237 ajisai2
ajisai alt

ajisai just like in these konan and mei terumi versions

Milf Asses Recolor
"Milf Asses" with a color fix

blue waffle is not real. don't google it anyway.


  1. Really love all the changes of backgrounds, only now I realize how much it could be improved upon. Those pictures like the tenten one just creates so much new ideas. thanks man

  2. A couple of people on 420chan pointed out that Kushina's head looks weird, and I think they're right. To copy-paste my explanation of why I think that is:

    The main problem is that the top of her head needs to be extended a bit, there should be more head and hair above the hairline. When you shorten the head like that but keep the features the same it makes your whole face look more horizontally spread (and the eyes are just very slightly too far apart already, in my opinion; the right eye (on the left in the image) is the culprit, being a little too far out. This also makes her features appear asymmetrical).

    Also, Mikoto's features are just a tiny bit too small (her nose is the right size, but her mouth, and her eyes especially are too small) and too far down, and her forehead looks huge as a result.

    If you look at some screenshots for reference I think you'll find that's accurate. I don't know whether anyone is interested in fixing it, but I thought I should point it out so that at least it's known.

    Gj, and fuck blue waffle (not literally *puke*).

    1. Thanks for pointing it out maybe voidy or other people will feel the same as you and do something about it if they like the pic enough.

      That being said, we don't care one single bit about what people think on 420. It's the original image please post it on 420 or HK.

      Thanks for your opinion on the image mate.

    2. thanks, the head looks weird because it's wrong, the clip's on the other side etc. it can be fixed, but overall the picture will still look rushed and sloppy..

  3. Tenten looks attractive. Oh, and this scene with Kushina and Mikoto just incredibly tempting.

  4. Kushina and Mikoto.......can you edit them with tayuya and kin please?


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