Saturday, 25 June 2016

Time for Tsunade

Well, I have created many different versions. You can find them here

The source file Legacy Of Lust

The other source files here


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  2. I'm loving these type's of edits. You should make more with different pictures.

  3. very nice expressions!

  4. Some new ideas? Yes i have some ;-)
    1- Can you do a series with sensei and student like Asuma and Ino or Kakashi and Sakura
    2- Tsunade Lewd Prison 4 with some pixxx for Ino in naruhodou version if you Can or Maybe...
    3- "Summer Impregnation At The Beach" could you do the pairing of kishimoto like Sasusaku and SaiIno in a beach naked for doing "the Next generation".
    Do you like the third option?
    And mom's Red Hair is very good i like It ;-)


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