Thursday, 16 June 2016

The experiment to revive the image.

It turned out a lot of good pictures. I thought to try something new.
Little tricks that are used in the manga to revitalize the image.

You, too, thought Anko hottest of women at first acquaintance? I yes. Young Naruto x Anko makes me happy very much.

Well, I have created many different versions. You can find them here

The source file Grand Magic Games 2 Anal Style

The source file Legacy Of Lust

The other source files here

P.S Tried normally grouped images. Nothing succeeded.


  1. Amazing work also nice to see Erza and Kagura

  2. This is so beautiful! Man, you did not just the face edits, but you changed the boobs size and legs to fit with the character you used, and very well done! This is amazing! Also I loved your Anko edits here. Thanks for sharing this, DbatRT!


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