Sunday, 19 June 2016


I made my own version of Icegold's version of this image and coloured it. Credit for the original picture by Icegold. View more of Icegold's work at Icegold
Manga Studio

Hopefully it looks good. I'll improve as time passes.


  1. Not bad for a start.

    This is your first painting?

    You use Manga Studio Edit?

    Now you need a lot of practice to get better. Also study the basics of light and shade. Work on shadows.
    When painting it is important to submit to the head end result. Visualization and analysis of the image helps to work.

    You can use work DarkAlx (Write to him that he has sent you the HD version LineArt.) For training, or any other artists.

    In general, a good job.

  2. just needs a background!


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