Thursday, 5 May 2016

The State of things.

So I browsed and searched around for some answers and this is my POV of what´s going on:

HKey is pretty much dead, why?

1. Lexus and Aidan and Rex all left Hkey for Whentai.
Lexus = Cowboy Tanaka
Aidan = Yatot
Rex is still Rex.

Personally I think it's the right thing to do for them, HK never protected their assets and they neglected both customers and artists desires and values. 
Imo, they should have done Patreon but not if they aren't active enough for it.
but still it's a good move for them.

We (editors) love their work, we acknowledge the art and yes we do use it to make our own versions of it but only because it's good damn art. The advertisement they get from 420 or our blogs isn't small and I think any smart person would be happy with it.

So I think it's not the end of it all, actually I hope it will make everything better and more productive.

Rex posted this on Whentai today :
I am now accepting commissions no description follow...
1-Price will depend and I charge per character nude, clothed, half naked etc.. 2 background simple and detailed .. 3-payment how it works.. client pay 50% then I send a sketch, he pays the other 50% and I send the image 100% finished. (This is how I work and it is not negotiable. I had some issues about not getting paid). 5. I may post or not post the image on this site depends on cliet. 5- those are my rules and won't change if you are interested contact me if not then please try another artist. Have a nice day.

I wish them all the best and hope they get credited this time.


  1. private commissions? that's a bit of a step back if they want to grow an audience imo

    1. yeah but seems like only rex is doing the private commissions. As far as I know.

  2. oh wow... this is bad... fuck... this news is the apocalypse of my fapping world.

    i mean... i... i just hate this system and how we are forced to survive in it. why is no one proposing other ways to enable people to get what they want/to satisfy their wishes and to get along with each other. why is it still that money governs everything?

    fuck, i'm just a leeching cunt but i want things to change... why does no have the balls or brains to propose something new and how to implement it...

    [rambling off]

    1. Although money is a big part of it, the community definetly is the biggest one and you can even see it happening on Whentai atm. it's just pure shit the ratio of cunts to nice guys is just way too high.

      I guess it's not unexpected with "hentai" as subject, guess we can only deal with those trolls with a firm hand.

      Sorry for all you nice guys/supporters/fans or you name it.

      Here is hoping it will someday turn around and be all beter! cheerz


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