Thursday, 19 May 2016

New and Old Ino Yamanaka

new ino edit, and an old edit of an ino series that i didn't get to finish

rext146 ino
ino (night dress)

see more dress pinups edits


there's something more appealing about the old pixxx, like it's more anime-like compared to the new, crisper pixxx. personal opinion of course.

i've got tons of scrapped edits like these. it's a bit of a waste tbh :3


  1. Woooow so nice. Ino is very sexy in you're edit. Thank you for liste me Voidy :-)....but you see....i don't know if you have free time but if you can, please can you do more edit for ino yamanaka? Please Voidy :-(

  2. (Vaginal penetration version please)

  3. I've never seen like this clear n beautiful Ino Pixxx before. Thanks for it.


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