Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Bleach(Boobs) and Naruko

Chizurubiggerboobs.th.jpg NarukoInojin.th.jpg RukiaBiggerboobs.th.jpg
Rukia Original version at :


  1. Hell yeah! I missed your edits, Eron! Also, I noticed this in one of your past edits, the Inojin looks smaller in these edits, making the picture a straight shota style. You did that or someone else edited Inojin?.
    Anyway, very good edits! Naruko fits so well in the scene, and I also noticed you used your original head! You're always bringing the great edits and some new things that you improve! It's great to see this! Thanks for sharing!
    Oh, one last thing, I hope you will still do more pregnant edits, was a cool and different idea! (but I guess it's pretty hard to do, right?)

    1. I randomly found the shota-inojin in that big megaupload file. I thought it was well done so I used it, though I don't know who made it otherwise I would have credited him/her. I might do more pregnant edits when I have a good pic for it, it's not that hard to do but it takes time to figure out all the shades and overall curve of her body and unlike voidy im not that good with lines etc. thanks for the comment stryder.

  2. Excellent change. I like to see Naruko in such an unusual situation, keep it up!


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