Sunday, 7 February 2016

"Lunar Reveal"

I initially wanted to post this one when it was finished but I'm rather too excited with this one so I couldn't help myself and guess I want to share what's up next after the last one. xD
I have a good couple of ideas I am looking forward to trying out with this and I can only hope it'll turn out as I hope it will. xD
But for now here's just the simple lineart of it. 
Hope you like it and let me know what you all think. 
Some details are subject to change so untill it's finished I am open to any input. xD
But as always hope you guys like it and looking forward to do more and more of these pieces. 
I just hope you will all be able to bare with the long time it takes me. :D


  1. Looks great, Jarvis. Can't wait to see this finished!

  2. It looks good, very good. She rather cute. And I did not notice any flaws.

  3. Very well done, Jarvis. Can't wait to see this finished, same for your old line arts.

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  5. "My Caitlyn Can't Be This Cute" just kidding :3 Hope that you will more LoL girls. Lamb, Diana, etc :>

    1. Well Diana might be sometime in the future. I'm not as sure with Lamb though. I love the champ and I do play Kindred a lot but it's just that it sort of borders on a more uncomfortable niche. She's either human-animal hybrid or simply humanoid animal. Can't really tell but the problem is she is not entirely human so I'm not sure about that. Will need more time to make up my mind if I ever will do Lamb. For now it's maybe at best.

  6. exccellent caitlyn lineart


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