Monday, 8 February 2016

I'm still with you.

I hope the fans "Akame ga kill" will appreciate this image. Hmm, but among us there are fans?
The original file here:!twRVWTSA!BupsoN2hJBeQ2zHtbPwh7A

Name: [Color] Akame - Into Her Pooper

Other works are:!toAEyRSA!_-m0Bl7mRBkPmAXvxpugcw

Hello, I am a long time did not write. Unfortunately I am very busy and therefore practically do not create anything. But I'm still with you. I'm not going to go away.

During my absence, much has changed. These changes are positive. And in general, the situation has become better. And the blog has become more active. Yes, thank you Voidy.

I like to see the progress and activity. And I am sincerely happy for you. Despite the fact that I almost do not take part in this.

Now I want to focus your attention on the Archive edit images.I plan to improve internal structures and sorting. Maybe even get the old edit images.

If anyone is interested I'm talking about, look here:!g9BD0bQJ!IR20x0TXHaPQ1YZvJRaHQg

Perhaps from time to time, I will create something. Or paint the picture.
And sorry for my bad english.


  1. I'm a fan of Akame Ga kill, the manga, not the anime, because in the anime they just killed everyone and the story is different.

    Very well done DbatRT, I really liked, especially because you did Akame, she's one of my favorite from Akame Ga Kill, along with Leone. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. The Akame anime _never_ happend.

  2. excellent color dbatrt! and you're english is not bad at all.

    i'm an esdeath, kurome fan myself

  3. Great work with Akame! Hoping for some Leone if you have any plans for more AgK.

  4. i would love this as a gif :3


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