Saturday, 6 February 2016

Kushina, Kagero Fuma and Rin

just random edits, click more..

rext141 kushina
kushina x kitsuchi
rext204 kagero
kagero fuma x naruto
rext203 rin1
rin (swimwear)
rext203 rin
rin (swimwear, tan)
rext203 rin
shizune (full-size regraded)

random stuff: kushina, kagero fuma and rin

used a regraded shizune original.
i don't get how that lighting's supposed to makes it better honestly :P


  1. These look great, Voidy! Awesome work on the rarer girls.!

    1. thanks yadon, appreciate it!

  2. Kagero Fuma sexy as F with the main man.

    On Kushina, can I have version with Naruto? The first is same face, the second is slutty one if possible.

    Rin is hot with tan version.

    Anyway nice work. Keep up my man

  3. Hey Voidy, nice edits. Do you by any chance have any templates for edits? I was going to start trying to make some edits, and I thought starting out with a template would make it easier. Thanks for reading!

  4. Good change. Rin and Kushina look great.


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