Monday, 6 April 2015

Quincy's Triple Vollständig

 Well now we know Bambi was actually practicing Quincy techniques and not just well...yknow...playing around with people she ordered to "help" her with that.
Seriously guys stop thinking such naughty stuff. >.>
This is just a highly advanced Quincy technique yet to be revealed in the manga. 
Trust me that's it. 
You guys don't believe me do you? Ok you'll see when Kubo reveals it. :D
But really now all jokes aside I hope you like this Bambi piece. xD
And sorry again for the recent lack of new content. xD



  1. Oh I believe. This is a very ancient and powerful technique training.

    This infernal race for three days. Test the strength of your will! If you are not broken, by the end of the training you will significantly strengthen our will. Improve concentration and learn patience ... And something else ... something

    Will she be able to sustain this training?

    In any case, it looks amazing. Hot scene.

  2. Holy mother! She's really training hard! Look that! Triple penetra... I mean, triple effort!

    Really graet edit Jarvis, always nice to see Bambietta "training".

  3. Great job Jarvis! More Bambi is always good in my book

  4. Thank you for the positive feedback. xD Really glad you guys like it. Her head was a pain to make since her jaw was missing. xD But am glad you like the end result so much. And I admit the comments are just hilarious. But I totally ment it as a hard training session for her. Just that yknow some training methods are more outside the normal norms. xD

  5. Love the edit x) thanks for going the extra mile for us.


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