Monday, 6 April 2015

Bambi and Kaguya

My first bleach edit from Lexus`s art. I made a tan line version too. it might not look so visible i hope you guys like it.

bambi x ichigo bambi x ichigo tanlines kaguya x naruto


  1. really nice!! Thank you :) don't see kaguya that often so nice si.

  2. Great work. Your first bleach edit from Lexus`s art looks good. How do you feel after the first edit done with Lexus style? The Pain? Surprise? Or maybe something else. When I did my first edit, it was painful. But it was worth it.

    Most of all I liked the Kaguya. This posture and her eyes. That's what she wanted, and finally got it.

    1. Thanks :)
      Well it was not hard to do that because i made some edits in the past like this style.The reason i dont make too much bleach edits there is not too many faces and i dont know all images like Narutopixxx pictures.

    2. Yes, I remember you were editing a variety of image style. Although the style of Lexus does not have to be complex. The problem with it chaos. There are no clear rules and laws. Well, when compared to the Rex style.

  3. This is awesome, si-chan! Love me some Kaguya!

  4. Nice but could use other guys and not just Naruto :/


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