Saturday, 21 January 2017

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We don't do requests anymore (I don't have to explain why.)
Old posts that are not available anymore are down due to : flagging by users(removed due to haters/trolls or due to old age. Meaning we will not reupload. It's not viable to keep up and I don't want to waste time because people take my shit down.
Get it while you can and if not go request it on 420chan, it's the only way.
It's the most prominent reason anyways why it's being taken down, so go whine there.

Chat- Comments-
Any ill intended comment or chat that is hating- childish- ungrateful etc. will be removed.
If it goes too far and I judge it as such, I will IP ban. you can message/chat/comment again with other ip's but I will do it again and again. It takes a few clicks anyways.

Why am I putting in effort into even explaining such harsh and hostile ground rules? because that's exactly what has happend  to everything related to edits and pixxx sites. The overall community is toxic and just need their fix. We don't do this for money, our efforts and time is being given for free.
It didn't get the respect so now, it's all "dead".

Consider the source.

Thanks and understand that it's not the end, it's changed due to the hostile environment.
Consider good editors and edits like endangered species. Trolls have been hunting them down for years literally, ive been apart and witnessed it.

I hope it's not the end of an era and that someday it will be turned around.



  1. i can't believe! this year i have so many bad things, pass an exam, my phone is into water.this site is over! oh! my god!

  2. Ouch, when it get to that point, it sucks

  3. I'm sorry to hear that. I didn't know that people out there who just want to to feel superior by taking better people down via acts of negativity and hostility.

  4. I fail to see any real problem on this site. All of the works that have been posted here have been of very good quality. So I am sad to hear that, once again, the few are ruining the enjoyment of the many. That said, can you please explain if this means that the site is dead, or just some of the additional options?

  5. I've been following this site for a year now and it's sad to see all of this. I'm not sure what's going on, but I know that these pixxx site and edits always have some idiotic children and trolls who trashtalk certain characters, and now because of those absolute fucking morons, normal people won't be able to request stuff, but I don't mind, as the editors' work here is awesome as it is. It's just sad to see how childish trolls can ruin an entire website.


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