Friday, 25 November 2016



I have a few things to say:

1. I don't know where the other editors are at the moment so please stop spamming my mail with these questions. All I know is that Eron closed his mail and doesn't have internet at his home, Flame is busy with college and Voidy is really busy with the real world. I do NOT know if they'll ever come back or not.

2. I'm going to leave as well but I left programmed edits every two days until Jan 7th, 2017. There's a bit of everything, incest, anal, blowjobs, dp's... | I probably won't check the site so I won't be able to read requests.

3. Keep the chatbox clean please, don't come here to discuss about 420chan issues, Hugo, character hatred or whatever.

4. I know the Heads/Templates section's images got taken down but since Eron made and uploaded them I can do anything about it, I don't have the files to reupload them.

That's all for now kids. Take care.


  1. Thank you for the update Ward. It'll suck seeing you go, but life calls and such. Good luck.

  2. What's really sad is that Voidy never finished that Ino parody :(

    1. I agreed with you. I world lime to see the New page of ino

  3. man, it's sad that this side is slowly dying :(

  4. Great to see more Fuu! :)

  5. I REALLY hope Voidy comes back, because he said that he tends to disappear for a couple of months from time to time, due to travelling, etc. I really wanted to see him finish that Ino comic, I hope he will someday.. It's become very dull here these 2 months..

  6. damn. just found this place and it's already dying. Thanks for keeping it up all this time with great updates though. sad to see you guys all go but you obviously have your own lives.


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