Sunday, 11 September 2016

Taken Prisoners: Mabui and Tenten

mabui and tenten restrained like tayuya and matsuri

rext267 mabui
mabui (clean)
rext267 mabui alt
rext271 tenten
tenten (clean)
rext271 tenten alt


  1. Awesome Edits, Candle wax hurts like a Bit**(personal experience)

    1. I mean yeah lighting reused candles as the wax burns your hands has to be painful. I mean, there could be no other personal experiences, now could there be?

  2. hi voidy,
    there is another issue that doesnt seem to solve itself.

    for the past few weeks the pics i download from your google cloud/imagehost are always prenamed "unnamed.jpg". i can't distinguish which pics i have downloaded and which not dont because they come with same filename. i have to rename them manually but i can't check if i already downloaded them because they wont have the same name if i download it again.

    is there some setting on google that avoids putting out the real filename because with other editors who use google as an imagehost i dont have this problem.

    i hope you can help me with this issue.

    1. okay, i just tested it with internetexplorer (my standard browser is firfox) but its the same problem. i right click "Save Image as" and it always gives me "unnamed.jpg".

    2. okay it seems i have this problem with editor Flame as well.

      i dont have the problem with Dichareous - do you guys actually name all your pics "unnamed.jpg"?

      i would ask if you could at least give them a running number so they have unique filenames.



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