Monday, 18 April 2016

Kon Joins In/Inojin's visit

Some out of the box edits.

Question to you guys:
Favorite Odd pairing?

Hope you guys had a nice weekend.


  1. well depends on what you mean by odd, e.g. do crossovers count? but some good ones for naruto imo:

    ino x minato
    samui x konohamaru
    mabui x jiraiya
    matsuri x might guy
    fuuka x guren

    1. Anything x Might guy is kinda odd haha.
      but just out of the ordinary couples.
      And everything with jiraiya is kinda odd since his death, but strangely I don't have that with other dead characters.

  2. Excelent work, Eron! Haha, dat Kon picture, hahaha. I hope to see more "odd" pairs from you XD. Also, your Bleach edits are really great!

    About the favorite odd pairing, I don't really know, I'm don't care so much about the males in the pictures, unless if is some kind of incest or some other close relationship (brotherhood friends, master and mentor...). I'm more into yuri pairs, so I guess it is those:

    Tayuya x Fuu
    Mabui x Hinata
    Sarada x Anko
    Temari x Fuu

    I guess those are really odd, right? XD

    1. Thanks for the compliments man! ha yeah I remember you like yuri. Anything sarada is always good right.

  3. Naruko x Hinata
    Naruko x Kiba
    Naruko x Ino
    Naruko x Killer B
    I reckon Naruko and Tsunade would by good too.

  4. Yoshino Nara x Naruto or other
    Ino's mom x Naruto or other


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