Thursday, 22 January 2015

Hinata - On a offday.

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So, this one took a whle but I hope it was definetly worth it.
Specially the hair took some time + Shadows etc.
:) but still fun to make as always.


  1. However long it took for you to work on her hair, definitely paid off. That looks amazing!

  2. long XD and thanks alot! it gives me alot of energy to keep going ;)

    1. I remember some people complaining when you placed subtitles on your edits. I can't see what the problem is? It makes the picture look hotter! Like some of those hentaikey images of Naruto I used to saw all the time before finding out about the Pixxx sites.

    2. Yeah but those are captions, I mean just one subtitle line. besides I have my own blog now I don't care about the bad opinions.

  3. This is ... This is great! Subtitles matched very well.
    Good job! Continue in the same spirit



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